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Artist Statement

My work is a combination of my passion for traditional photography and ongoing mastery of imaging techniques, and the personal need to physically work with my hands. Selecting a subject and the tool in which to capture it, then combining these to create a thought provoking image is a physical process essential to my artistic expression. At times the images may appear calm or placid, but the means in which they are created are often anything but.

The process begins with a subject, whether it be a scene in front of me, an event happening around me, a found object, or something else I’ve created. The subject could even be the camera itself, digital or analog, using the tool as a way of discovering its mechanical intricacies and working through its limitations. Along the journey each image takes on a life of its own, sometimes not at all resembling what I originally had in mind before the initial capture.

I have an unappeasable yearning to know first hand how and why things work the way they do. The inspiration could be tangible or philosophical, but the desire to find the answers to these questions is what pushes me through a physical and experimental process, and is ultimately what drives me to create.