The idea of doing a blog is not a novel concept for me, especially when it comes to the topic of photography. Several years ago I had a "daily photo blog" going, and was doing great with keeping it going for about six months. Then it all came to an abrupt stop when my camera bag was stolen out of my car, and with it all of my photography gear. All except the camera in my phone, but that had a cracked lense. It was very difficult to keep posting images on a daily basis without having working equipment.

So why start up another blog now? The answer is multi-faceted, with the first simply being part of a class assignment. Don’t worry though, the rest are far more poignant.

Doing a blog such as this is a great opportunity for personal growth. There is no one in the world who is incapable of improving their writing skills. I see blogging as an excellent way to practice these skills. We’ve all, especially in a school setting, been asked to describe something in our own words. Sometimes this came easier than others, and for me was usually dependent on whether I did the assigned reading or not. However, being able to do so effectively meant I understood the material being taught. If I can make some of the intangible concepts of photography tangible by putting them into words, I will undoubtedly have a stronger grasp, and will ultimately become a better photographer. It’s said the best way to understand a subject, is to teach it to another person. If my words are able to make it easier for someone else to understand, all the better.

I’ve had a goal of becoming an educator for a long time. Some of my absolute favorite memories of being in the Boy Scouts are of when I was working with the new scouts that had just crossed over, teaching them the basic knots. I started off my college experience as a music ed. major. When that wasn’t working out I wanted to go into Deaf studies and while taking some upper-level American Sign Language (ASL) courses, I loved signing with the new ASL students and helping them improve. Even when I was volunteering with Guide Dogs for the Blind there was a strong sense of pride when I was able to get whichever puppy in training I had at the time to follow the basic obedience commands, or walk up an open staircase with no trouble after they had been too afraid to do so initially.

Providing those moments of inspiration is why I’m a photographer, why I want to be an educator, and why I’m writing this blog.